What's New

Our New Facility Near St Louis

In March 2007, OctoChem broke ground expanding its' southern Illinois location. Our facilities are more than doubling with not only added capacity but more capabilities. This new expanded facility has full service warehouse capabilities, tank loading/offloading, blending and provides full service packaging. Now we can store and ship significant quantities of product and still handle your small packaging needs all with the same 24 hour turn around guarantee. All types of hazardous materials as well as pharmaceutical grade products can be stored at this new facility. Your daily and monthly summaries will arrive through your chosen media as always. You can request a customized summary at any time.

We are your go to team player!!


Let OctoChem be your sales assistant!! Many of our customers are using OctoChem as their specialty distributor. If product is needed in special packaging, or in less than minimum quantity, we can handle your distributing efforts. We manage inventory, labels, sizing, brochures, packaging, MSDS, and C of A's as usual. We add on the task of invoicing, accounts receivable and collection. At the end of the month, instead of sending you an invoice, we send you a statement and a check for the balance of revenues received, less the costs incurred, all for the service price. It is our business to help make your business, easier!

If you want a way to increase incremental profits, increase your SPEED!!

Sample Follow-up System

New system which actually drives your customers to evaluate the samples they have received. History shows that a consistent sample follow-up program pays for itself in increased evaluation rates of YOUR products. This system collects technical information on the applications which are causing your customers grief—and can be your gold mine. We contact all sample recipients to determine what their needs are, how their evaluations are progressing and what else is needed to assist them in commercializing their product, containing yours. This is all done in a database format to facilitate dissemination to all of your personnel and their analyses.