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SPEED 2000™LS Small quantity packaging, order processing and shipping.

SPEED™- Specialized Packaging Extra Effort Distribution – OctoChem’s “SPEED” program is designed to provide Clients extra revenue using our small order sales process. Companies can focus on the large volume orders without sacrificing these customers or loosing their valuable business. OctoChem can be your specialty distributor. Let your team focus on doing business. Our team takes the order, processes it, ships it, invoices and collects the payment. At the end of each month, a check is issued back to the Client Company. This eliminates the unnecessary intervention of customer service staff so they can focus more on large orders. This program is ideal for companies that are interested in maintaining information about all accounts ordering their product large and small.

Literature Fulfillment Services.

OctoChem can also supply literature fulfillment services to our Client’s sales organization and customer requests. Literature requests for the annual report, to product brochures, to catalogs and promotional material can be filled and shipped. Product brochures can be added to the sample shipment if specified by the Client. Small order sales shipments can be supplemented with technical data sheets and special promotional announcements.

Demonstration Instrument Services and Logistics

OctoChem also provides a scientific instrument and liquid chromatography column management system. This service would provide all logistics, warehousing and maintenance for your company’s demonstration instruments. OctoChem has a web interface for reps to log into and request an instrument for a specific date. After the demonstration the instrument is sent back to OctoChem to be inspected, cleaned and made ready for the next demonstration request

Imagine the Possibilities

Ever wonder the percentage of customers who never use the sample they requested. The sample is delivered, something else gets their attention, it sits and sits and expires. Why not take that sample from being part of your cost center and make it part of the profit center. A trial size at a nominal charge will give them a reason to try the product. If they invest something there will be more of an incentive for the customer to actually try it.

Now they have a place to purchase just what they need.