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Life Sciences Services

The OctoChem Life Sciences Division is a marketing services partner for any company that manufactures reagents for the Life Sciences or Biotechnology industries. OctoChem Life Sciences specializes in macromolecular liquid transfer and repackaging for sample purposes or small order sales. OctoChem Life Sciences has the staff and the facilities to handle any type of biologically labile molecule and the expertise to do it right. Any protein, DNA, RNA molecule, cell line, labeled and unlabeled antibody can be repackaged into sample containers according to your specifications. Whether the product requires repackaging under sterile or anaerobic conditions, the OctoChem Life Sciences (LS) team is there to ensure its biological activity.

Imagine the Possibilities

Your customer has to repeat a crucial experiment for a pending publication. They need your transfection reagent but doesn’t want to purchase a full bottle. Do you want them to borrow something from down the hall that may be unknowingly compromised?

Using OctoChem’s small order sales process, customers can now purchase the right size for that very critical final experiment.

Your customer works a very wide range of molecular weight proteins that overlap. He really doesn’t want to purchase two boxes of precast gels to cover the very wide ranges he needs and another box for IEF seperations.

Using OctoChem’s small order sales process customers can choose a mix of precast gels that can best fit their pending experience. Now he can order any number of precast gels that are Client specified. Alternately, now you will be able to provide a limited number of precast gels for a special promotion or electrophoresis demo.

Have you ever wanted to offer groups of antibodies for specific applications? Why should they purchase individual antibodies from different vendors, when they are essentially making their own kit? The set of antibodies in their kit are usually from different vendors. In most cases you offer the same antibodies that, in addition may give them less spectral overlap.

Using OctoChem’s small order sales process, application specific antibodies can be packaged using Client defined volumes, kitted and shipped. Imagine offering a stem cell characterization kit with primary or secondary antibodies having the least amount of spectral overlap. Again imagine an antibody kit that identifies specific cell signaling pathways.