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Market Advantage™LS Sample packaging & distribution services.

Market Advantage™ LS-Sample Distribution Services - Market Advantage is the finest sample distribution service available today. The Market Advantage team has the unique ability to emulate and enhance any current sampling program, making OctoChem by far the leader in sample marketing services. OctoChem understands the potentially labile nature of most macromolecules. Any sample needing stringent dispensing requirements from microliters to liters can be accommodated. Our support team understands that a well executed sampling program can be your most important marketing tool. The Market Advantage team will listen and define a sample system that fits your exact specifications. Samples of all sizes, shapes, colors and more are produced, packaged and shipped within 24 hours. Currently 98% of all samples requested before 4:00 PM are shipped the same day.

When you work with a Market Advantage team, it listens and defines a customized sample packaging solution, from size, to labeling, to inserts and shipping method. Sample container labels, packing slips, product inserts and shipping labels can be printed with your company logo. Inserts describing product performance or special promotions can be specified by you and changed as needed. Ice packs and dry ice can be used as well as packing under nitrogen when anaerobic conditions are required. OctoChem takes full responsibility as shipper, declaring that all materials are properly classified, packed, and labeled according to hazardous material regulations. All sample packaging are in accordance with applicable regulations such as those issued by or pertaining to the ADR, RID, IMDG and IATA. In addition UN-approved single and outer packaging, absorbent and shock-preventing materials, multilingual safety labels, Client-specific promotional labels and shock-watch indicators.

Sample dispatch orders are handled via OctoChem’s fully-automated order administration system. All necessary documents can be prepared in various languages including any consignment notes and pro-forma invoices. OctoChem will also ensure that client-provided documentation such as the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and the Certificates of Analysis (COA) match each consignment. OctoChem coordinates the transport process and is responsible for the entire administrative follow-up. To ensure sample integrity, Client prescribed testing can be done to be certain of the product’s performance before it arrives at the customer location.

The OctoChem staff understands that each sample is “an ambassador for the Client". For this reason the Market Advantage team will give special attention to the product integrity at assembly, the visual presentation of the package and to the outcome analysis of the customer evaluation.

Imagine the Possibilities

Have you ever wanted to offer groups of antibodies for specific applications? Why should your customers purchase individual antibodies from different vendors, when they are essentially making their own kit? The set of antibodies in their kit are usually from different vendors. In most cases you offer the same antibodies that, in addition may give them less spectral overlap.

Using OctoChem’s small order sales process, application specific antibodies can be packaged using Client defined volumes, kitted and shipped. Imagine offering a stem cell characterization kit with primary or secondary antibodies having the least amount of spectral overlap. Again imagine an antibody kit that identifies specific cell signaling pathways.

Now they have a place to purchase just what they need.