Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why should I outsource when our sample department does a good job?

Answer: There are many great sample departments. Many of those depend on other departments like: Customer service for orders, Purchasing for packaging materials and shipping for handling these small orders. Like all manufacturing companies, it is the focus to provide a professional service to all customers. We believe that it is difficult for a company to focus on both large orders that are revenue generating and small orders that are free. We provide the appropriate solution.

Question: We do not have the budget for outsourcing samples?

Answer: Better than 95% of time we have been able to cut the budget that companies have associated with the cost of sending out their samples. Our program is "turn key". You get one flat rate charge per sample that encompasses everything from receiving and inventorying your products to the packaging materials required to ship the product.

Question: Outsourcing is too expensive?

Answer: Believe it or not a non-regulated sample received, packaged and shipped can cost as little as $8.00. Can you imagine having a sales person sit in front of a customer and be able to make a budget decision on whether this customer is worth an $8.00 sample? Accountability is now the key word here. Sales people can have a real defined sample budget that does not have an all-encompassing "gray" number from different departments.

Question: Our program is great and does not cost any more than out sourcing.

Answer: The key to the success of a sample marketing effort does not lie only in the basket of a good sample department but lies more in the hands of "True Marketing Answers". Any program large or small includes our complete Market Intelligence Reporting program that provides instantaneous reporting of all sample activity. These reports can be prepared and sent within 1 hour of your request. Sales and marketing meetings can now have a sound report outlining exactly who sent the samples, where they went and any special marketing information that you have us gather from each request.

Question: How does OctoChem get products?

Answer: We are set up similar to any vendor on your system. Product is reordered through our customer service contact within your company. Product inventory is controlled by our custom system that allows for shelf life, reorder date and expiration dates to be monitored.