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E-Samples™LS Secure web based sample requests.

E-Samples™ – Internet Based Sample Entry - Every Client has a secure web portal for sample requests. Anyone in sales, customer service and management can access this page for sample requests. Information is emailed to OctoChem and the sample coordinator for the Client Company. Urgency can be easily assessed and addressed by the appropriate party. Marketing information including application, sales volume, urgency and more can be gathered from each requestor for each request. Daily reports are posted on a secure page dedicated to the Client outlining sample activity. Information can be viewed or downloaded any time. Various security levels can be set to limit access to the information.

E-Report™LS Secure web board for daily reporting

E-ReportTM - Advanced Market Reporting- Our E-Report team develops the latest in electronic reporting tools. All of our reports are maintained and designed specifically to derive the best sales and marketing insight. Our reports are generated within 30 minutes of your request and can be faxed, emailed or web-posted. Our company prides itself on providing “answers” rather than just more information. Have you ever wanted answers to questions that are similar to the ones below?

Have my reps been following up on the samples we sent out last quarter?

Has the sample actually been sent out?

Was the sample ever sent out?

Of the reps that didn’t follow up, were there circumstances in common that need to be corrected?

What was the impact of the last marketing campaign on sales volume and dollars?

How did the product perform for the customers who had made requests? Did they call tech support?

Using OctoChem’s E-Reporting system, you now have the answers to all these questions and more.

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine having an antibody sample size that contains a reasonable amount of product for evaluation. The typical sample size that is sent is a catalog item containing 100 ug of antibody and sells for $280.00 USD. According to typical directions, 1 ug of antibody is removed and diluted 1:1000. Stop giving away the entire bottle. The total amount of antibody in the vial is enough for 100 experiments. The customer should be able to properly evaluate the product with enough material for 10 experiments. The 100 experiments may be enough for the customer to finish their experiments and never need the product.