Welcome to OctoChem Inc.
The leader in sample fulfillment services world wide.

Since 1995 the Company has provided marketing solutions for the chemical and biotechnology industries. OctoChem has changed how marketing gets done. By bringing innovative internet based analysis of the sample process, OctoChem delivers marketing and sales departments visibility in real time. With a broad and deep pipeline of marketing services, OctoChem is committed to helping you grow your bottom line.

OctoChem has a global network dedicated to respond to your needs, when and where they occur. The company has a reputation for excellence and innovation. It has become a market leader in providing services that improve efficiency, reduce risk and deliver a competitive advantage for you.

  • Full service chemical sample fabrication, logistics, support and reporting.
    No need to dedicate additional staff.
  • Specialty distribution services.
    OctoChem can process and fill variable size orders that you currently do not offer.
  • Small order sales.
    The same product used in sampling can be adjusted to produce different sizes for small order sales.
  • Variety and trial size packaging.
    Multiple products can be fabricated into packaging to your specifications.
  • Control product costs.
    Send only the amount of product for evaluation and order.
  • Less is really more.
    Adjusting sample size can translate to quicker evaluation and decrease time to order.

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